The time when I reviewed Elinchrom strobes with Alex Koloskov

I owe an immense amount of gratitude to the very talented Alex Koloskov. I met Alex on his way up, I mean right at lift off. He’s earned every bit of his celebrity and I see no end in sight to his influence in the world of photography. He’s recently been featured on Scott Kelby’s Blog for it’s Guest Blog Wednesday Feature. Not to mention he’s been featured in Scott Kelby’s “Light It” magazine. To top it all off, he’s speaking at the Google+ Photographers Conference Google+ Photographers Conference. Needless to say that there’s no sign of things slowing down for Alex, living proof that hard work and dedication pays off.

I was an avid reader of Alex’s previous blog and a post caught my eye last April. Here’s an excerpt from the blog that day:

2. Photographer’s assistant/video operator.

We are looking for a creative growth-oriented individual, flexible enough to work on a short notice (possibility of late night/weekend photo-shots). The one who will help us on the shoot as an assistant and will be able to take a qualified video from the assignments and master-classes (no equipment required).

We do a lot of self-promotional and educational work and for such work we can offer a barter: experience in exchange of assistance. You can also call it educational partnership. However, assistance on a commercial assignments may be compensated accordingly. Also, this is not an every day 9 to 6 type of work: we just need help from time to time. Few times per week at maximum what we may need.

I hope to find highly motivated, smart and passionate about studio photography guy. This is not a work that will pay your bills (at least for now), but it will be a great opportunity for you to learn things that can’t be found anywhere else: we work our own way, discovering unique techniques and solutions, we build a clearly distinguishable style.
One more thing to consider: we are planning to move to a larger studio soon (and have other much more ambitious plans), and it will be necessary to have a second photographer on our team. Ideally we’d like to raise “our own” photographer from not experienced, but highly motivated assistant rather than to hire already “pre-cooked” one.

Please send us: Your story. Why do you want to work with us.

I didn’t hesitate for a minute, I sent him the most honest email I could piece together. Then I waited. I waited about a week and then it came, Alex had emailed me back. We played a little bit of email tag, before meeting for lunch at Panera. I showed up early, way early and just sat in the lobby like an anxious kid waiting for the school bus. When Alex arrived, we enjoyed a brief lunch and I talked too much. At the end of it all, we decided to see how we would work together. For the short time I had to spend with Alex, I learned a lifetime of lessons. Below I’ve added the video on one such occasion.

What’s missing from the video was the funny part where his softbox went together in a matter of moments and I had way too many extra parts. Alex and I are still good friends and I’m still his biggest fan. Be sure to visit his new blog, Photigy and follow him in all your social media circles

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